One To One Consultations

Working one to one allows us time to explore your health story in detail, giving us a deeper understanding of your current health situation and the contributing factors. Through the consultation process the opportunities you have to improve your health through diet and lifestyle changes will reveal themselves. We can then focus on what’s needed to return you to wellness. Integrating small changes gradually is encouraged for sustainability of new habits.

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Wellbeing Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity for people to learn and engage through an interactive process; a way for more people to benefit from support in a fun, collaborative, co-creative environment. Workshops can be designed and themed for specific organisations or groups, for example workplace wellbeing, women’s health, mental health, diet and lifestyle, weight loss or healthy shopping.


Wholesome Retreat Cooking

I love to create delicious healthy dishes for large groups at retreats and workshops. I can provide nutritious catering for all dietary requirements. I’m an experienced cook, specialising in gluten and dairy free menus and with a passion for colourful, seasonal, organic food. My previous clients include Earth Heart Centre, Synergy Creative Community and Dot Bowen Yoga.


Personal Kitchen Sessions

We can detox your food store together! Exploring your kitchen and choosing what foods to bring in and what to let go. I offer personal support for you at home to prepare your eating and living environment for a healthier lifestyle. I offer personal catering and family meal planning. All sessions can be combined with One To One Consultations.


Nourish Yoga

Movement of the body is a vital part of any healthy lifestyle. My love of yoga began in 2000, eventually qualifying as a teacher with the Acquaviva School of Yoga in 2013. It brings me great joy to share yoga with people in a class setting and one to one. My approach as a teacher is to offer support and guidance to help you come back into relationship with yourself and explore the natural movements that the body wants to be reminded of.

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Life Transition Packages

Transitions are a natural part of life as we are constantly evolving, but they can often feel overwhelming. Good nutrition and self care provides a strong foundation for these changes.  This is why I offer personalised nutrition and lifestyle packages to support and honour you through these processes. Packages include Fertility MOT for Couples, Pregnancy to Childbirth and Beyond, The Menopause Journey and Foreign Travel Preparation and Planning.